Overview and Strategy

Alder Strategic Capital, the investment arm of ALDER, invests exclusively in commercial real estate, primarily focused on grocery anchored and necessity-based retail shopping centers, with a secondary concentration in office and multi-family assets.

We acquire direct ownership interests, limited partnership interests, structure mezzanine debt and make preferred equity investments.

Our Competitive Advantage

Alder is well positioned to capitalize on a wide variety of opportunities by drawing on decades of experience of underwriting, investing, managing, selling and leasing real estate for our own account and for third parties. Our principals have an average of 20 years of commercial real estate experience.

On select transactions, we structure joint ventures with strategic partners who have proven track records and superior expertise in their regions and market niche.

Alder identifies investment opportunities that provide compelling risk-adjusted returns that allows us to create significant value for our partners and investors.


  • Buy right
    We evaluate downside risks against potential for upside to determine if the acquisition meets the partnership’s return objectives and risk/reward profile.
  • Add value
    After acquisition, we work to increase property value by designing and following a customized business plan for each asset. Value add strategies may include, physical improvement upgrades, leasing vacancies, repositioning the property, raising below-market rents and optimizing operating expenses.
  • Sell or hold
    We time the holding period of our investments to align with the objectives of each partnership, market conditions and the property-specific value add strategy. We may sell the property within three to five years or refinance and hold for cash flow, further appreciation and debt reduction.

Opportunities In The Current Market

  • Less competition for purchasing assets that are too large for the small investor, but too small for the REITs and institutions provides an opportunity in this segment.
  • More stringent lending practices makes it difficult for owners to refinance and obtain the loan-to-values they may need. Owners may often be forced to sell at favorable prices.
  • Little threat of new supply as construction is at record lows.
  • Low interest rates result in strong cash-on-cash returns.

General Benefits of Real Estate as in Investment

Real estate has proved to be a superior investment vehicle in the United States over the last fifty years and an important part of a diversified portfolio. Property investment offers inflation-adjusted cash flow, historically steady appreciation and the benefit of leverage that may further increase returns. In addition, real estate enjoys favorable tax treatment including depreciation deductions and opportunities to defer capital gains.


Alder is actively seeking to acquire core plus and value-add properties, primarily in the northeast region.

  • Property Types:
    Community and neighborhood retail centers are preferred. Multi-family and office properties are considered under compelling circumstances. We do not buy vacant land.
  • Regional Focus:
    Northeast and Mid-Atlantic
    NY, NJ, CT, PA, RI, MA, VT, NH, MD, VA, DE
  • Yield:
    We target risk-adjusted returns starting in the mid-teens. The ideal property has some opportunity to add value in the form of either vacancy to lease up, below market rents or the asset can simply be purchased at an attractive yield going in.
  • Size:
    Minimum purchase price $4 million.
  • Financing:
    Flexible. Will assume debt or obtain new debt with no financing contingencies. All cash may be paid under certain circumstances.
  • Closing:
    Within 30 to 45 days, or flexible to meet seller's requirements.

Submittal Procedure

For our preliminary review, please submit a full sales package or offering memorandum, if available, including:

  1. Current Rent Roll

  2. Income / Expense Statements
    (Including actual historical performance as well as pro forma projections.)

  3. Argus file (If available)

  4. Street address, rentable square footage and lot size

  5. Site Plan

  6. Photos and aerials

  7. Store sales figures for retail tenants

  8. Existing debt information, if applicable

Submit To

Ian Deutsch
ALDER Property Group
228 Park Ave S #81420
New York, NY 10003

P: 212.372.6000 x317

Please submit via email preferably or by clicking below:

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